Zirkuszelt / circus tent

Linalab composed her first work, Eclíptica, inside a telescope and imitated it´s shape. In Doom, her second EP, she tries to imagine how the end of the world would sound, turning out four small destructions. In her work Still Alive, she realizes that there is no Doomsday, only intermediate days, no  apocalypse, no epic destruction, only infinite rearrangements of particles that originate infinite sonic possibilities. Their latest and stunning  work,  Desire  Paths, is a meeting point, a mother ship that takes us to hypnotic worlds from which we do not want to return.
Linalab not only exists on stage, apart from playing in stages and festivals, she understands music as a research, being one of the pioneers in the practice of Live Coding and a becoming a significant artist in Europe in the use of modular synthesizers. For Superbooth Lina brings an acoustic drummer to add power to her electric guitar, processed by a modular Eurorack system, and a bunch of Desktop synthesizers, adding electronic drums, samples, melodies, noises....Expect electronic post-rock with a touch of dreamscapes and melancholic electronica.

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