NO-op Violation

Bungalowdorf / huts village

No-op Violation is a French duo bridging music and science through the use of different artificial intelligence that they developed in their project. Besides being deeply involved for many years in electronic music live and Djing, the researches of these two musicians from IRCAM on AI led to the creation of both software and hardware instruments used in their live performance. This results in sharply sculpted sound designs, with deep and uncompromising rhythms, leading to strong and dark techno atmospheres. They push the boundaries of live performance and composition by establishing a co-creativity connection between them and their AI based instruments, especially on the synthesis of impacts, voices and drones. This approach is mixed with the use of analog and Eurorack synthesizers, creating complex soundscapes, while still aiming for heavy baselines and resounding kicks. The resulting live act oscillates between a scientific exploration of unheard and surreal AI-based sounds and a paradigm-shifting techno experience.


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