Workshop - Matthias Grob & Bernd Beusmann

Zirkuszelt / circus tent

Alieksey Vianna and Matthias are going to expose you to a shower of ideas, view angles and demos about why music, livelooping and untraditional guitar processing. They bet that each of you listeners will take home at least one bug in an ear and search in some new direction...
Matthias will narrate some highlights of his interesting life between Brasil, Switzerland, California and Berlin and the many fantastic persons who made him aware. Although he holds a ETH engineering diploma, Matthias met few engineers, many musicians and therapists. He was always around music, playing in bands, rituals, solo/duo ambient concerts, working as sound engineer and developer of pickups, electronics and user interfaces.
His focus was neither money nor perfection in engineering or interpretation but what music does to musicians and listeners and how we can improve this communication and let it feed and evolve us…

He is best known for building the first LiveLooping tool in 1992, but the list of innovation created by Paradis Guitars is long:
Matthias spent more time with guitars than with looping. in 1977 he discovered the musical freedom that single string distortion provides and that most effects work better (or: only work) with one string. But thats only the beginning. You will witness how much more can be done by adapting parameters to each string and much more by intelligent interaction between strings!


  • Sure He is going to talk about livelooping came to life and what he hoped it would do to music.
  • And about the roots it is based on.
  • And about user interfaces that musicians can use while playing.
  • They will compare several kinds of pickups, presented by a master guitar player.
  • You will hear effects that you never heard - not crazy stuff, but seamless, rich and useful.
  • Oh .. and Matthias needs to show you the Polybass, his only recent product family - to make his living.

He will mention:

Reiki, Rudolf Steiner, Inayat Khan, Morphological fields, Ajahuasca, Gospel, Hammond organ, Steinberger, Parker, Hermi Hogg, Keith McMillen, Roland, Roli, Spicetone, SynQuaNon, Cycfi, Primova,,, yeah and probably Hendrix, Gilmour, Vollenweider and some of the livelooping pioneers like Terry Riley, Robert Fripp, Rick Walker, Andy Buttler, Ljubo Majstorovic, Michael Schiefel, Thomas Diethelm…
If there is some time left, Matthias will play a bit of his new Anti-Loop music that harmonically develops without ever repeating…

And we can go on talking at the booth o185 here.

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