Hygienic standards based on the applicable regulations of the state of Berlin

General Covid-19 regulations

Due to the SARS-CoV-2-Basisschutzmaßnahmenverordnung in Berlin from 29.03.2022 the following recommendations apply:

  • There will be no control of the respective status (recovered, tested, etc.) as well as no contact tracing until further notice due to the current regulations. You can find the official regulation here.
  • There will be no mask obligation, but we ask you to wear a mouth-nose-protection voluntarily, if it should be tight in the building for example.

  • There are plenty of hand sanitizer dispensers - please use them.

  • If possible, please keep the minimum distance. If not, please wear your mouth/nose protection.

  • Respect people who (Possibly due to pre-existing conditions) adhere to hygiene standards more strictly than prescribed. They are on the SUPERBOOTH for the same reason as everyone else.

  • Please test yourself in advance.

  • If you have respiratory symptoms, please stay at home.


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What must be considered with the arrivial?


  • We recommend you to do not arrive in groups, if possible alone or in a group of households.

  • If you arrive by public transport, please also note the applicable mask and distance regulations by the BVG

  • If you arrive by car, parking is possible on the big parking area near the main building. No extra ticket needed this time.

  • Please also pay attention to the distance markings in front of the FEZ-Berlin when you redeem your ticket. Under the section "Tickets" here in the Covid-19-FAQ's you will find more information for 2021 on ticketing.

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Filtering facepiece

There will be no mask obligation, but we ask you to take your mask with you and put it on on your own responsibility if it should get tight.


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Symbols with explanations

Below a list of all relevant hygiene symbols with its explanations:

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What's the difference between the SOOPERgrail and Superbooth ticket?

With the SOOPERgrail ticket you have access to the areas of SOOPERgrail in the building and the area around the so-called Seaside Stage and the stage at the Fuchsbau. This ticket is not valid for the SuperBooth, which takes place at the same time.

If you also want to visit the SuperBooth, we recommend you to buy a SuperBooth ticket which is valid for all areas and therefore you don't need a SOOPERgrail ticket anymore.

Last update on 11.02.2022 by Robert Siegel.

Where can I get my badge to enter the event?

This year we will have two ticket-to-badge counters where you can change your tickets (printed or digital on your mobil) for the corresponding badge.

One counter is located here at the "Bungalowdorf" and the second counter is located here in the foyer of the main building, directly behind the main entrance to the event.

Visitors who don't have a ticket can only purchase a ticket at the box office in the foyer of the main building.


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Can I cancel my ticket and give it back?

The ticket can be cancelled against a handling fee. The paid amount will be refunded less the fee.

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General Issues

Opening hours

Opening times:

The opening times of the trade-show are from 10:00 to 19:00 - then the fair 'll be closed and our evening program will play until 22:30

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Where and what is the venue?

SOOPERgrail takes place in the FEZ-Berlin, Straße zum FEZ 2, 12459 Berlin.
The FEZ is europes biggest, non-profit children-, youth- and family center.
It is located in the south east of Berlin in the district named Oberschöneweide.

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How do I know which manufacturers will be present at the show?

You can find an overview of all our exhibitors and their positions on our website under Messe and Exhibitors.
During SooperGrail there are printed plans available and also signposts which lead you to and through the different ways areas.

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All areas are barrier-free or accessable via lift. Also on the stages. In the Audiotorium we provide a special area for wheelchair user.

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Can I bring instruments and own gear to SooperGrail for repair issues or detailed questions?

Bringing own instruments is not permitted inside the whole exhibition area. Due to our security rules, We will not allow access to the event for someone who brings an instrument. It would have to be stored on the wardrobe.

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What about food on SOOPERgrail?

In the back area of the venue, you can find our culinary mile. Here we offer Vegan Gyros, Typical Berliner and Japanese specialities, an excellent coffee bar, drinks and some more. Also the in-house Café "Alfons" is opened in the FEZ and more bars to hang out and eat on a table.
Everything in consideration of the safe distance regulations.


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Will a sale of instruments be offered?

The sale of instruments is not in the focus of the event. But Exhibitors have the chance to offer sales of their instruments.

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Venue Address

FEZ-Berlin, Straße zum FEZ 2, 12459 Berlin

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There are many different possibilities to get to SOOPERgrail.

Station Freizeit- und Erholungzentrum, Line 60 + 67 to Subway St. Schöneweide. Or line 27 and then switch for direction to Friedrichshain.
Route network for the Tram here.

Follow the signs:

For public train rides, take S-Bahn line 3 from station Ostkreuz to station Wuhlheide. From there it's a 15 minute walk.
The last train from Station Wuhlheide at night goes on 0:50.

From the airport BER it´s an ca. 20 minutes drive to the venue.

Arrival by car is possible, but we would like to point out that there are only a limited number of parking spaces available at the FEZ.

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