SooperGrail22 - our concept

The Superbooth Berlin GmbH extents its pallette of trade fairs for musical quality products and creative tools. Once a year musicians, users and manufacturers meet in Berlin to exchange about current developments and ideas of instrument building and the latest state of the art machines.

With the SooperGrail22 we had our first attempt of a new show for the art of guitar building. A specialists conference, trade fair and exhibition for european guitar building. It is open to Luthiers, innovative small manufacturers, but also to established, innovation orientated and open minded bigger brands.

Our vision for the Soopergrail is to provide a platform for individual guitar builders or Luthiers from the traditional field, but also the ones with a very modern approach. Both is integrated in the creative environment of the internationally established SuperBooth event. With this idea we want to offer the chance to overcome genre-related borders and provide a creative playground for innovations and new ideas. The tradition of the contemporary guitar building should not get lost from our radar, but can offer creative space for new customer generations and innovative exchange between the musical genres. Especially the location Berlin as a formative place for musical creativity and orginality speaks for itself.

A short look back and our new concept for trade fairs

In September 2021 we successfully realized our trade fair for electonic music instruments in consideration of all current safety restrictions. Our new concept consists of the core idea to let enough space between the single exhibitor positions on the indoor floors.

This brings not only enough safety distance between everyone, but is also relaxing the intensity of the visitor streams and leads to a more casual and peaceful conversation atmosphere between manufacturers and visitors. Besides the indoor exhibiton floors we put the second half of the show outside to the park area.
The large outdoor park area of the FEZ-Berlin provides enough space to keep distance and give yourself a spatial and acoustic brake from the show floors. On several stations many exhibitors have their spots, enjoying a very relaxed chemistry between everybody on their tour through the SuperBooth. We keep developing this modern concept for our coming events.

In the near future maybe it is not even the best idea anymore to fly intercontinental and staying for 4 days to visit a trade show?! Surely there are new concepts to keep it more local and not completely ignoring environmental aspects anymore? Let´s talk about it!

Our guests have either a professional musical backround or enjoy their life as amateur musicians. They are quite straight forward and open minded. Since everyone is interested in music in general, we want to use the chance to present all visitors the world of specialized handmade guitar building.

With the SooperGrail this year we want to explore common potentials and possible combinations of the two musical worlds. Why not thinking about
- Intuitive Midi-control and sensor technology
- Extended modulation options via control voltage of other instruments, IN and OUT
- On-board/built-in effects
- Touchbars to control and create rhythm or also the connection to digital tools for creative sound editing, recording and performance.

Manufacturers and musicians should get into conversations to exchange about current developments on the market and inspire each other to new ideas and user possibilities.

The exhibitor area of the SooperGrail will be located in the wooden K1 room as silent show. Demos will be possible in the Foyer and in several amp rooms. Directly next to the K1 room is the cinema with a mixed program of demonstrations, concerts and spontaneous sessions.

We invite all interested, forward-thinking Luthiers and guitar builders, pedal- and effect manufacturers to join us as exhibitors in one of our future events.

If you are interested please send us an email to:

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